Mexican food is not one cuisine, but many.  A mixture of Aztec and Spanish (with French & Italian influences), it then varies by region, Sonora Vs. Oaxaca, Texas vs. California, and so on… Here at El Loco, we’ll bring you a delightful melting pot of many regional styles and tastes.

Mexican Fare is often prepared “too hot” (Thanks to Texan tastes) But it is offered here in its true form: “Tasty.” We reserve YOU the right to make it as hot as you wish by providing our very own special hot sauce bar. Our hot sauce is offered ranging from “mild” to “loco hot.”

The cuisine of Mexico is as colorful as its art and music, as dramatic as its history and as appealing and warm hearted as its people. And believe it or not, immensely good for you. So what are you waiting for? Stop in for some El Loco Tex-Mex, Traditional Mexican, and Nuevo Southwestern cuisine, and be sure to try some of our featured favorites!

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